Nikki on a tour

On a test run of the How to be a New Yorker multi-media tour.

Translating between Tour Guides & Tour Operators.

And between Tour Operators & Content Creators.

I’ve worked across the tours & activities sector starting as a NYC tour guide before going into guide training and experience design.

You’ll find me:

I’m always thinking about:

  • Bridging the communication gap between tour guides & tour operators
  • Combatting the misconception that guides are ‘interchangeable’ and expendable.
  • The importance of branding your tour experience (and how to get your guides on board)
  • Making Responsible Travel more accessible/intelligible
  • Expanding the definition of travel to include more local travel
Listen/Watch Nikki On:

I have worked with Nikki several times in the past few years on special projects. Each time, she has distilled the project down to its most basic building blocks, and then over-delivered on what was asked. She is a fantastic thought-leader around guiding and advised us well on how to add value to guides in line with our business.

Travel Curious, Tiffany Handley- Chief Product Officer

​Nikki is the total package. She understands the tourism industry through multiple perspectives which allows her to remain nimble in maintaining her lines of communication. She is able to pivot seamlessly between the interests of guests, travel guides, and management to provide top-notch service throughout…

Katika Experiences, Mike Idriss- Dir of Tours

Nikki has been an incredible resource for our business, offering incredible support and insight into our business and making connections we couldn’t have made without her…

Outerthere, Al Berrios- Founder